A Letter To My Representatives

by Alan J. Claffie

[This letter was sent to five members of Maryland's House of Delegates: the three Delegates from District 28 and the two mentioned in the article referenced in the letter.]

Good morning

I just read an article on WTOP.com (http://www.wtop.com/index.php?nid=598&sid=1069478)about the Maryland House of Delegates taking up a bill that would ban automated telephone calls from politicians in the state. I am asking you, as my representatives, to vote to enact this legislation in the hope that we can enjoy a little more peace and quiet next election season.

I am on every "do not call" registry out there because I don't want unwanted phone calls from people trying to sell me something or wanting me to do something. Also, I work third shift and sleep during daylight hours. Last October and November I was awakened far more than I want to recall by phone calls from politicians looking for my vote. The end result of this was my compiling a list of those who made those phone calls and taking that list into the voting booth on Election Day to make sure I voted for the opponents of those who called.

Some articles I wrote concerning my frustration over the situation can be found at the following URLs:


I know you are politicians and might not be interested in one person's plea to keep you from intruding into my life, but I can't imagine anybody, other than politicians and the marketing companies that actually place the unwanted calls to involuntary audiences, like or even tolerate these thoughtless campaigns. In a perfect world, the politicians would realize they do at least as much harm as they do good (though I can't at the moment think of any good they might do) and voluntarily stop the practice.

Failing that, we need you to provide legislation to keep you from annoying me, especially when I'm trying to sleep.

Please don't consider weakened legislation as the WTOP article hinted at:

"Delegate Aisha Braveboy, D-Prince George's, asked if the bill could be weakened to allow robo calls during some hours of the day, just not all the time. [Dan] Morhaim agreed."

Like I said before, my hours aren't the same as most other people's. Allowing calls to be placed during certain times - most likely, the times I'll be sleeping - is going to result in the unwanted calls being concentrated right when I don't want them. Please reconsider supporting this "weakened" bill.

Thank you for taking into consideration us regular folks who have enough stuff to deal with without having to run to the phone - or worse, wake up to the sound of a ringing phone when we're not at all interested in what the party on the other end has to say.

Alan J Claffie

PS - honestly, have any of you really found any regular citizen who doesn't mind the annoyance of recorded political campaign messages on their phones?

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