Crying Cow Clones

by Alan J. Claffie

So on the news today there's this item we caught the tail end of: a majority of people won't drink milk that comes from cloned cows.

That's too bad that people have to be so prejudiced like that. Especially since they most likely couldn't tell the difference between milk from a normal cow and that from its clone.

If you think about it, cloning dairy cows is one of the best quality control measures out there. I don't know if there's such a thing as different tasting milk from cow to cow, or even different vitamin make-up from cow to cow, but one can assume that if one cow produces especially tasty or especially nutrient-rich milk, one would do everything in one's power to maximize the production of that supermilk. In the past that maximizing was done with careful breeding and tempting fate that the DNA stuff would work to the farm's advantage. Now that breeding thing can be taken to the next level by removing the possibility that good cow traits wouldn't be passed on to the next generation.

But even if this produces the best milk ever, people won't choose it because they've been lead to believe that all this bioengineering is going to somehow so change the products provided by the process that it'll threaten their own health, despite no evidence existing to back up that fear.

And think of the cows. They'll hear about people refusing their products out of unfounded fear and get depressed. They didn't ask to be born, or cloned, and they couldn't help being on the leading edge of bovine technology. Their stuff is good, but nobody wants it.

Think of the poor crying cow clones, and drink up. I bet it won't kill you.

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