The Big Move Part Two

by Alan J. Claffie

While the previous installment was dated July 8, it was actually written a week or two beforehand. In light of that, the whole "end of July, no need to panic" sentiment expressed made a lot more sense. Now it's the middle of July, and while I won't say that panic has set in, things are a little more urgent.

On the plus side, the big stuff is at the new hizzouse, and it wasn't the humongous ordeal it was feared to be. Getting the sofa out of the old place wasn't fun, and neither was getting it through the doorway of new place. The mattress and box spring were the other biggies and they went out and in relatively drama-free considering they didn't have those handles that most other bed pieces have.

We made two trips with a 17-foot UHaul that wasn't very full either trip, but we're left with an old place full of, for the most part, junk. We'll spend the next couple weeks going through all that, probably trashing two-thirds of it while bringing the balance to new place where it'll probably be junk that'll get trashed the next time we move, which I hope isn't going to be for quite a while.

We got the Comcast "Triple Play" and everything works. The TV looks smaller now that it's in a room that's bigger than the previous living room, but I think we can live with it. The recliner's all set up and oh so comfie, but it's too bad that now that we're over there now, we have to instantly turn around and leave town for the next few weekends chasing racing.

The best part of the new place was when the puppies came over for the first time. They were so excited, running around and checking out the new digs. I don't think it's sunk in that this is their new stomping ground and that they're not going back to the old place. They'll figure it out sooner or later.

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