Miatas at Myrtle Beach II - Directions From Space

by Alan J. Claffie

We love our electronic gizmos, although most of the time we're far from early adopters. We got a Playstation 2 at least a year after the Playstation 3 came out, for example.

Our little boondoggle next week was what we needed to push the button and get a GPS thingie. I know what you're saying: welcome to 2001. Even dear old dad got one recently, and he's the last to get anything like that. I figured if he moved into the 21st century in that department, surely we couldn't be far behind.

So we got one - on the cheap, of course - and I've already have the Sea Mist Resort in Myrtle Beach programmed into it. We've also got another piece of electronica that we can't live without, XM radio, which put us in another conundrum: can we tax the mighty Miata's electrical system with both running at the same? The experts say it can be done; why should we doubt them?

So now we probably won't get lost, and we'll also probably be entertained assuming we can agree that the '80s stations are more enjoyable than anything carrying current stuff. Because they are.

Next up: the caravan.

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