Miatas at Myrtle Beach II - Convoy

by Alan J. Claffie

One of the highlights of the whole Miatas at Myrtle Beach II event is actually taking place in the day before the actual event. For us, it's starting just a few miles from home where three of us relative locals are meeting up and starting on our way south.

Now three Miatas in tow might not be enough of a spectacle to get the average motorist's attention - although one of the three is bright red with bold white stripes, which might help - as we make our way to Myrtle Beach we figure to run across another one here and another one there and maybe by the time we get halfway there we could have a dozen or more in a line, assuming we can stay more or less together through gas, eats, and bathroom breaks.

In North Carolina, participants are plotting to meet at a handful of towns in the morning with a goal of all showing up at the first I-95 exit in South Carolina at rougly the same time and rolling together right into the city of Myrtle Beach. I don't think our timing is going to work out as I expect they'll be around that meeting point when we're still an hour or two away, but wouldn't it be cool if our trio, plus however many we manage to string along through Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina manage to stumble on a caravan of fifty? a hundred? or more Miatas all in a row all headed to the same place.

Maybe three Miatas won't be enough to attract the attention of Joe Commuter in his minivan. A hundred, though, will be a completely different story.

The thought makes me think this could be the highlight of the trip, though a parade of 250 cars leaving Myrtle Beach and slowly dwindling down to a few in each direction on their way home could be even better. I don't think everyone plans on leaving at once, so that probably won't happen. Besides, with all the other stuff going on over the course of the weekend, who's going to be thinking about leaving?

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