MiataWorld II: Day Four

by Alan J. Claffie

We saddled up and hit the road relatively early this morning from our Arkansas overnight stop and that helped us get to the Gaylord Texan somewhere around 2 PM local time.

We didn't have plans for any photo ops on this leg of the trip but Kate was ready to capture the image of my driving past a big "Welcome to Texas" sign that was sure to be on the side of I-30 as we made our way through Texarkana, but nope, the change of states was quite understated. No matter, though, we were making tracks and on our way.

As we checked in, unloaded the cars and registered for the event, we saw plenty of Miatas rolling in with license plates from places as far-flung as Florida and Canada. Every time we headed outside more Miatas were arriving, most of them disappointingly top-up despite ideal convertible conditions. We're proud that we made the entire 1,560-mile ride here, times two cars, 100% top-down and windows-down. We're a little sunburned despite taking plenty of precautions, and a little winded, but wouldn't have made the trip any other way.

But I digress.

As I write this, we're chilling in the sports bar looking over the schedule for the next coming days. Friday we leave fairly early for a field trip to a track called Motorsports Ranch, an hour away, where a Miata-only track day is being held. MiataWorld participants will get to spectate and then take parade laps during a break in the action. In the evening there'll be a welcoming get-together in the vendor alley, and that's one place that really scares me. Nothing there will hurt me, but it could get expensive seeing what toys will be for sale there.

But before all that, we've got to get up from our comfie chairs in front of the big TV screen and head upstairs to get some sleep.

Another Gap photog put up his Tuesday photos, here's a link for the gallery where we first make an appearance, you can keep hitting "next" to see the rest I imagine: Link!

More later.

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